One app to check and save everything

Touch it, check it, save it and share it. With Lynqer you can view, save and share everything around you. Just download the Lynqer app and touch a Lynqer.

Touch and view

In what colors is that bike available? Where do I buy that tasty coffee? At what time does the bus leave? Start your Lynqer app, touch a Lynqer and all information will appear on your screen. Find without search!

Save and share

Every Lynqer you touch is saved in your phone. It’s that easy. Share your discoveries with your friends by social media, Whatsapp or email. Anytime, anywhere!

Manage Lynqers

Buy your own Lynqers and link them easily to your online content. No website? No problem! Create your own free Lynqer webpage. Simple and fast!

NEW! And super handy! Activate your Wifi via a Lynqer tag and your guests can go online without any password hassle. You can also activate your Lynqer tag to call directly or send an e-mail and SMS.


Get Lynqer
on iOS and Android

So now you know. Lynqer is here, and it’s going to change everything around you. Try it for yourself… it’s free!*
* Works with almost all Smartphones

Lynqer in 30 seconds

Order your Lynqers

Starting € 1,50 each! Free shipping!


Restaurant: “Our menu comes to life with Lynqer! Really a unique added value.”
Peter, Restaurant owner

Influencer: “After a night out, I had 125 new followers!”
Dominique, influencer

Surf dude: “You can instantly view and save all the specs and reviews of each type of surfboard!”
John, Surf shop owner